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Hi, and thank you for all your intriguing messages and thoughtful arguments!

I've heard that Actors don’t have an identity, only addresses:


>Each actor has an address. In various implementations an address can be a direct physical address (e.g. MAC address of the NIC), email, memory address, some id and so on. Multiple actors can have the same address, and one actor can have multiple addresses. There is a many-to-many relationship here. Address is not a unique identifier of the actor. Actors don’t have an identity, only addresses. So, when we step back and look at our conceptual Actor Model, we can see and use only addresses. We can not tell whether we have one actor or multiple ones even if we have one address, because it can be a proxy for the group of actors. All we can do with an address is send it a message. Address represents capability in the Actor Model. Mapping of addresses and actors is not part of the conceptual Actor Model although it is a feature of implementations.

So I was wondering if you're the same Carl E Hewitt as https://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=carlehewitt and as your user name professes, or if either or both of you are actors? ;)

And have you ever played Santa Claus?


Don, you are very welcome!

Alexander Karaberov's article (linked above) is an important contribution.

You are correct that since an Actor can have many addresses, it is not clear what it would mean for an Actor to have an identity."

PS. Excellent SNL Santa :-)

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