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spectramax 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Blatant editorialization.

i wouldn't know because i can't read through the paywall

So much as I can tell, it’s a horribly editorialized clickbait title that probably wouldn’t hold up against a libel lawsuit if it weren’t a foreign country that was the subject (not that actually systematically trying to rape or impregnate Uighur women is beyond the CCP, though) covering a year-old story, behind a paywall at that.

Better link:

Uninvited guests keep watch for China inside Uighur homes.

More than a million local government workers have been deployed to ethnic minorities' homes to monitor their behaviour.


Edit: for posterity, the title at the time of this comment was CCP sends 1.1M members to sleep with Uigher women

Bloomberg has now revised the headline title to "China Sends 1.1 Million Party Members to Share Uighurs’ Homes". We should probably do the same here.

Scott Adams has been talking about this in his Periscopes.[1]

My take is that, as long as things like ethics are not a concern, China can

- mitigate effects of the one-child policy to some degree

- reduce a target sub-population over time.

If one doesn't mind being a diabolical monster, what's not to like?

[1] https://www.pscp.tv/ScottAdamsSays

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