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OpenAPI Generator 4.2.2 (2019 last release): new TS redux-query generator (github.com)
6 points by wing328hk 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I have really bad experiences with the generated python code here. Its not even a stub, missing typing etc. What are your experiences with openAPI. What are you using for internal microservices communication.. I'm heading towards GRPC

I remember there were discussions about adding typing to the Python client before but I don't think anyone has time to implement it yet. If you've time to make the contribution, please let me know by opening an issue/ticket: https://github.com/OpenAPITools/openapi-generator/issues/new

We've also added a protobuf schema generator (`protobuf-schema`) to convert OpenAPI spec v2,v3 to protocol buffer schemas. Please give it a try to see if it helps in your use cases.

nice, but I've had difficulties generating services with OAUTH2 support (especially with C++ and Java).

If I have a Swagger Document with all the elements in place, why isn't that block generated?

For C++, I don't think anyone has contributed the OAUTH2 enhancement to the C++ client generator (cpp-qt5, cpp-restsdk) yet. We definitely welcome the contributions.

For Java, I agree there are rooms for improvements as we cover so many different libraries (jersey2, retrofit2, openfeign, resttemplate, etc) and a good starting point is https://github.com/OpenAPITools/openapi-generator/tree/maste... and we can plot the OAuth-related enhancements back to the template more easily.

I hope also on C++ server generator will come some improvement, also with OAUTH2.

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