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Great article and nice style distilling all this into a bite size chunks.

Is it me or just the title is a little bit inaccurate in the sense that there's more to "How containers work?" than overlays, e.g. it made me think that it covers more than it actually does, e.g. cgroups, namespaces, etc...

Anyone knows of a more in depth coverage of containers building block type of article that allows one to build a rudimentary container from scratch to appreciate what goes into building one ?

The title just means it's one piece of the puzzle. She's thinking about making a comic about how containers work, and one important piece of that is overlays. So this is that piece.

fair enough, thank you :)

Yea, it did a great job of covering overlays, but didn't get into how Docker uses a hash value for each overlay piece. Maybe this will be part of a series where she does more of that?

This was posted a few months back on here and it a cool little tools for seeing how Docker fits layers together:


That's interesting, thanks for (re)sharing

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