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Ask HN: API to generate interesting mp4 from jpg, PNG, SVG and video source
6 points by jimzellmer 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
Looking before building. I seek an api to send media (perhaps with animation, text, compression and transition rules) and receive a complete mp4. The smarter the better. TIA

I looked into something similar some time ago and came across a few options. The ones I remember:


https://developers.magisto.com/ (not exactly what you're looking for, and very expensive, when I inquired)

Anyway, I ended up rolling my own solution (not an API, but for internal use only).

Hey, I build something very similar to this at a old job. I called it a presentation builder. You could add images, videos, text, etc and it would spit out a mp4 video. It didn't have any transition rules though.

This was in 2013 I'm sure I have the code somewhere.

If you build this, please get in touch. I’d be a customer.

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