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Audrey Tang is a Tawaainese Minister (not sure of what.. computing?) and wrote one of the first Perl6 implementations using Haskell I think.

"Digital Minister in charge of Social Innovation, Open Government and Youth Engagement".

Thanks for the clarification Audrey! Quick question...do you still actively code? If so, which technologies do you use? I assume a government politician (even for a very technical role) has little time for such things, so how do you stay up to date?

I still actively code. Most of the gov tech we deploy in Taiwan is based on civic tech, re-packaged to run on sandstorm.io (CodiMD is a good example). We also rely heavily on Pol.is and Rocket.chat.

Other than that, a lot of it is just automating chores — booking my office hour appointments, maintaining sayit.pdis.nat.gov.tw (part of the radical transparency protocol visit.pdis.tw), etc.

Non-work-related projects such as moedict.tw and Hackage/CPAN modules are mostly in maintenance mode, with occasional releases based on pull requests from the community.

Thanks for the reply and best of luck in your endeavors! I've never been very good with Haskell, but I may jump into Perl6 (Raku) soon.

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