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Twitter Shows the Whale after announcement of 3G iPhone. (status.twitter.com)
6 points by sant0sk1 on June 9, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Proposal: "Showing the whale" will now replace the terms "Epic Fail" and "Belly up" in the web 2.0 lexicon and become shorthand for any sort of transitory service failure of a web application.

I feel that the slightly rude tone of the term "Showing the whale" appropriately reflects the disrespect a user feels when I service they rely on goes down without explanation.

The folks at Twitter have embraced the term:


Yes, I know :-)

Oh, I had to up-vote this because it is so funny!

But I agree with jraines, it should be called the "Fail Whale".

Showed the whale,

Jumped the shark,

Epic fail,

Nothing but carp.

Its all fish to me. :)

Well done good sir.

Please. It's far more efficient to post a news story when Twitter is up.

What? Twitter went down? I'd demand a refund immediately ...

I prefer "Twitter is throwing the Fail Whale"

no surprise here

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