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Ask HN: Ever had to abandon large parts of a project 6 months in? How'd it go?
8 points by 4thwaywastrel 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
I lead a team that's put a large amount of resources into a greenfield project that's considered urgent for the business.

6 months in and we're having endless trouble with technology choices we made early on. Have you ever faced a similar decision to either stick with or throw large parts of a project? If so what did you choose and how did it turn out?

As a team lead ? The decision was made on the business side of the company and had nothing to do with the technology or our effort, we simply started development too early before any proper due diligence was made.

Had the same experience. On the flip side we learned a lot from our mistakes and the dev team cohesion is stronger than ever.

The sign of a great leader is one who is willing to stop a failed project. Learn what you can and go on.

team leads don’t make business decisions

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