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An Interactive HashiCorp Vault Shell (github.com)
46 points by fishi0x01 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

Nice work, I once built a terminal UI for Vault. Did not get any attention at all. Works wonders for me:


I feel bad for you, they didn't even leave a comment on the PR :(

I already wrote FUSE clients for all of Hashicorp's products actually.


It covers the whole stack. Nice! Will try it. Thanks for sharing

Also K8s (experimental)

That's really cool. Will try it out.

Very cool! I have a very similar (non-interactive) project for copy/move/search on folders. It's something I think should be added to the vault core but there doesn't seem to be much interest there.


This looks amazing! Nice parallel worker approach :)

Thank you for sharing

It seems, to me, like a normal command line tool that has the operations you want would integrate better with workflows. Here you can use “-c” but then you’d have to deal with quoting and such. Seems like a big impedance mismatch to pay for “working directory” functionality.

... I don’t have a super tree of Vault secrets though (it’s one level, actually).

You are right, it is nothing fancy indeed.

The "-c" is mainly intended for automation if needed.

Main motivation behind this project is that I am currently working with rather large secret trees and will have to move them around for upcoming refactors. I could also write scripts for that with the vault client of course .. but it felt to me easier and more flexible on the long-run to have a shell-like approach to work with. In my case, the refactor will include a shift from KV1 to KV2, which is also covered by that tool.

Further, I saw this as an opportunity to do some coding :)

Cool, but why not FUSE?

Isn't FUSE mostly *nix specific? At first glance this seems to be platform agnostic.



A few options exist for Windows already, allowing FUSE filesytem code an easy path to run on Windows. I've recently used winfsp + it's sshfs port, and it works pretty well.

Good point. Main targets are Mac and Unix. MS should be compatible too, but some of the deps don't test if they are really working on MS.

Afaik Mac and Unix should be supported by FUSE, so it seems like a viable option.

Haven't thought about it tbh. But that is an interesting idea!

Are there any reasonable go libraries for FUSE that you can recommend?

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