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> My comment about future unicorns is mainly that > Python might be dominant in AI or biotech focused > startups

That's rubbish. Why should python excel here in biotech related aspects but ruby not?

Note: I am a molecular biologist by trade who went into using ruby primarily. I also use python a lot.

I remember the old HUGO project; lots of that code was written in perl. So why exactly would ruby be unfit here but python would? Please give your EXACT reasons.

> so Ruby might have had it's day as people are > building early tech in new fields.

I partially agree in regards to javascript; I disagree that there ought to be a hype-buzzword trend. The whole fake AI field ticks me off - they don't understand why they can never achieve true intelligence, yet they keep on claiming it. And people parrot how python will be DOMINATING in the fake AI field. So many fakers.

How many of you guys actually even understand neurobiology?

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