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Show HN: Codelets – Blockchain-secured code snippets manager with easy sharing (codelets.net)
2 points by wkchen 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

HI! I'm the maker of Codelets. It's similar to Github Gists, except the data is decentralized, meaning each user's data is stored separately, in a place only accessible to the user. It uses Blockstack for authentication

Here is a sample shared codelet: http://bit.ly/30M5z8u

Codelets is free! The decentralized storage is provided as a part of the Blockstack platform, and developers are paid via the App Mining program, of which ProductHunt support is the criteria. So please support!


Codelets is at a good starting point - a simple, but usable app to save and share commonly used code snippets. Do you have suggestions for improvements? Please let me know!

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