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Hey SeoxyS,

Another fan of your writings. I like the occasional quote you throw in there. However:

I don't agree with the way you phrased your headings. Verging on linkbait, even.

RCE is a hobby of mine and I crack all sorts of shit; it's fun and challenging. I know quite a few people who do.

This is the first time I have read such a blunt "I can crack your..."/"How to stop me" approach. It sounded very arrogant at first. No one else that I know bothers with this direct attitude. I am sure Mac devs are more than aware (Anticipating an article on this as a followup to your post).

"[...] but implementing a bare minimum of security will weed out 99% of amateurs. [...]"

I am not sure where you pulled that number from but it's false. RCE is not as difficult as you make it out to be, and amateurs can overcome the usual barriers quickly. Communities thrive on teaching amateurs the art, and they pick up these skills very quickly. I taught a few.

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