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That is a brilliant demo. I get the impression we could scale that out to many dimensions and the quantum computing would be really fast. Could you give some indication of the time to run and cost to run on a quantum computer as of now and the rate of change on those? I would like to have a feel of when this would be both possible and economic. I.E. How big is my problem to give Entropica Labs a call?

:-) we would love to get a call to solve problems.

But quantum computers are still in their infancy, the most powerful ones have ~50 qubits, 50 unstable and noisy qubits.

Meaning that we can only perform 10 to 20 operations per qubit before the noise starts blurring everything.

With the method described here, on an actual 50-qubit computer we can process a feature vector of at most maybe 500 dimensions. This is a small problem for classical machine learning...

However, the industry strongly believes that in fews years we will have quantum computers with thousands of qubits. And things have been improving steadily.

Neven's Law, from Hartmut Neven, the director of Google’s "Quantum AI" lab is a lot more optimistic than I am, but it gives an idea of what could happen in the next years https://www.quantamagazine.org/does-nevens-law-describe-quan...

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