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Have any cars been able to use their batteries as general purpose "plug in anything" type of power source? That would really expand the appeal significantly.

Nissan has their 'vehicle-to-home' system that does exactly this. As far as I know it's only been released in Japan so far, but all their LEAF cars from the last few years support it.




What do you mean by "anything"? I haven't heard of any that can, say, power a whole house during a power outage, but plenty of cars (EV and ICE alike) have built-in (or add-on) inverters to plug in typical 120V or 230V devices.

"Vehicle to grid" power transfer was a key selling point of AC Propulsion's system back as far as the early 2000s.

I actually asked them about prices back then but unfortunately they were far out of reach for a DIY conversion (I think they wanted ~$40k for a drive unit for a compact car). They're still around, though (https://acpropulsion.com/) and they provided the drivetrain for the Tesla Roadster.

Unfortunately, the 12V system in mine is limited to 10 amps. the raw 48V from the battery would have no problem running an AC inverter, but on mine at least, is not accessible

I believe it is achievable using an inverter, just like with ICE car.

Electric cars don't have 110/220v readily available AFAIK.

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