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In 1998-1999 or so, starwars.com and Homestead teamed up to make the fan.starwars.com/ wysisyg fan websites. I loved mine and it's been gone for ~20 years, with seemingly no chance at all of an archive. Hardly anyone seems to remember these in the first place, star wars fans and nerds included. Maybe some day.

It's insane how all the early internet has effectively been destroyed with absolutely no recourse of ever getting any of it back :(

I feel the same that you describe. I was a kid in early 2000's and many things I used to access were not preserved in anyway. I'm so sad about it. That's why I mirror the sites nowadays. The problem is that sites are bigger now are harder to spider sometimes.

Do you remember what your username was there? There's a slight chance the WayBack Machine got it


edit: oh wow, looks like these archives seem to all be broken because of the javascript they used

Interesting! I think I found my username there, but yeah, nothing loads :(. It's probably gone forever, unless someone close to it specifically backed it all up. Oh well.

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