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Fasty – A New CMS / App Builder Based on Openresty and ArangoDB (fasty.ovh)
71 points by solisoft 59 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

I've played with ArangoDB[1] last year, when I was doing a self-learning sprint. While I never reached any level of proficiency in it, I did enjoy using it, and I'm still intrigued by the idea of a combined "graph, document, and key/value [data models] in a single core with the same query language"

I put my 'boilerplate experiment' code up on GitHub[2] after my self-learning sprint petered out, mainly in the hope that one day someone will come along and point out some of the more obvious errors and bad assumptions I made when building the boilerplate - I learn best from my errors!

[1] https://www.arangodb.com/ [2] https://github.com/KaliedaRik/boilerplate-experiment

Note to anyone curious: the gTLD does not mean this is related to OVH, the domain is open to all OVH customers. https://www.ovh.co.uk/domains/dotovh.xml I didn't know, I looked it up, maybe it's interesting to others as well.

Yes, you can get a free one if you sign up to any OVH service, which includes their cheapest webmail. I needed an email on OVH for spam testing purposes and for peanuts I have one on my own .ovh domain which is kinda neat.

That is superb handy, I didn't know that.

you can take a small VM and test my CMS as well ;)

Would like to see an example of the API Builder generated Foxx service. I currently use Gridsome and Fasty looks like the perfect replacement the Netlify CMS that I currently use.

I'll prepare a post about that soon... I'll keep you informed

the quickest and best CMS ever.

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