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Why I won't work a developer job anymore (Joshua Fluke) (youtube.com)
57 points by peter_d_sherman on Aug 15, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

My opinion is that the guy in this video, Joshua Fluke, comes across as very sincere.

In my opinion, this video should be watched by everyone on HN.

On the other hand it looks like his channel has plenty of videos with same theme: he is sitting in dark room, looking straight into camera and bashing evil corporations with broken voice and apparently broken hearth. It's almost like episode from Black Mirrow tv show ("Fifteen Million Merits") manifested in real life.

I think he pivoted to wrong platform. He is mechanical engineer turned YouTuber. He should have leveraged his knowledge into anything else.. like IoT or V2X or anything.

Very heart felt and sounds like PTSD to me. I hope a better future for him.

He really did get screwed. I feel lucky to have worked for a number of companies but never one that treated people so badly. But I also knew I have been lucky.

The beauty of the video is that once you've seen it, you can't un-see it (aka, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain").

Youtube recommendations pointed me to his videos and I agree that they do seem sincere. Been a subscriber since.

Wow why isn't this gotten more attention. This is an amazing video. Everyone should see it.

I get where he's coming from - but his content feels like failure porn in vlog form / some weird form of an online self-deprecating sob story.

This kind of content is what gets people to give up and blame others for their problems...

Very heart felt.

Not to be coarse, but can't vendors be fired? clients be fired?

Anyone can get fired.

wow thanks for posting this, loved the video.

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