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Dosing time matters (sciencemag.org)
84 points by sohkamyung 60 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Anecdotal: I suffer a genetic disorder of metabolism [1] and I take a number of over the counter supplements to improve my vitality.

By trial and error since I was diagnosed 11 years ago, I have settled to take them - except for resveratrol and berberine - at bedtime. The effect is clearly noticeable. I thought it was because my body needed them most while recovering from everyday activities, but as usual, things get more complicated as we gain knowledge.

Anyway, an interesting read and another opportunity to further improve my health.

[1] https://www.mda.org/disease/mitochondrial-myopathies

I’ve just discovered berberine recently and have had great success taking 500mg before each meal. I’m diabetic and have been able to halve my insulin dose since taking it. What’s the timing/dose that you use? Same question for resveratratol which I’m also planning on introducing.

I take 500mg first thing in the morning, but this dose is in the lower side.

My rationale here is to midly uncouple complex I of the electron transport chain to induce mitochondrial biogenesis of my wild type mitochondria.

Ooops, I missed resveratrol. Same dosage, same timing, same rationale.

I hypothesize there very well could also be differences between "morning people" and "evening/night people". The dosing guides that suggest taking before/after meals could be more specific (E.G. your primary meal), while dosing patterns for regular drugs might be completely different and even benefit from some patients taking stronger/weaker doses (at different times of the day) based on how their body is reacting.

All of this would be much easier with, and the correct contribution of tech would be, integrated continuous telemetry from smart sensors and systems. That data would also be a privacy nightmare and should be something that the patient can read and choose to share or not.

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