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Looks cool. But it should have a Python API letting you wrte your own source drivers so you could add other blogs.

PS: If only everybody were implementing ATOM and doing it properly - we wouldn't have to implement any site-specific clients then.

It has plugin architecture that allows anyone to build plugins for Yack. Once out of beta, users will be able to install custom plugins directly from GitHub. Plugins must be written in TypeScript though.

Great. TypeScript doesn't feel as great for this kind of task (I mean content processing) as Python does but still feels a sufficiently reasonable alternative.

Will you also release Linux and Windows versions or is it meant to be Mac-only?

There'll definitely be Windows and Linux versions, but focusing on the macOS version for the time being.

Why do you think Python is better than TypeScript?

Does TypeScript have BeautifulSoup? TypeScript seems very appealing to me (a C# programmer) but it also seems like Python lets you write more concise text/XML/HTML processing code and already has particularly helpful libraries for this. Also, virtually everybody writes at least some Python which makes it a perfect language for user-developed extensions.

I don't mean TypeScript is much worse. Python just is the first thing to come to my mind as "right tool for the job" when it's about textual content processing. I'm not saying "please implement Python support instead", I'm just explaining why I've mentioned Python first. TypeScript is great too.

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