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Not just in America, but in SE Asia as well. My gf grew up in one of the largest cities on coastal area in our home country in SE Asia. Her city got flooded every year for third year in a row now whereas it wasn't the case before then. This year is the hardest one among three; the water rises up to chest level and lives were lost.

I worry that poor countries like my home country, which has not much resource to migrate people in mass, will face serious issues in the near future. Having said that, I also believe in the resilience of the people there. They have been through military dictatorship and whatnot, so I have faith that they will survive albeit with huge cost of lives and property...

Climate change will disturb world's political and economic systems, and I hope (and kind of believe) that the humanity can survive through this ordeal. In my honest opinion, it's too late to stop climate change, and the best we can do is to do our individual parts to mitigate the effects and come up with ways to cope with it the best we can.

Yeah it's been a while since I've read up about the growing number of refugees but IIRC climate change has the potential to dramatically increase the amount of migration to countries which won't have enough resources to properly with the influx of people and put even more stress on local resources (i.e. water, food).

the far-right in Europe is resurgent largely on the back of anti-migrant racism and hysteria, and that's with a crisis involving 5-6 million people. now imagine things with 25 million people, or more, and not just focused in Europe. it's going to be very bad.

> In my honest opinion, it's too late to stop climate change, ..

Climate change is not a binary thing, it's a process. We absolutely still have the opportunity to stop it from getting much much worse. So let's not give up and fight on that front as well!

It is a wonder to me that when presidential candidate Andrew Yang stated at the 2nd debate that we need to get resources into the hands of citizens so that they can move to higher ground that he was lambasted by climate change activists, who then painted him as a do-nothing candidate on climate change. This js quite far from his actual policies which entails an all-in approach including both emission reduction and geo-engineering, while also wanting to pass a UBI, which could help people escape flood plains. I believe here Mr. Yang was just stating plainly the facts and projections of climate scientists and what we should do in response.

I've distanced myself from politics, so I do not know much about what other things Andrew Yang stands for. But I have to agree with him on the aforementioned point about moving people to higher ground; I wish there is some think tank type city/urban planning group that is devising ways to engineer people to move to 'safer' places if climate change turns to worse.

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