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A journalist discovered and reunited identical twins (latimes.com)
89 points by wglb 74 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

While this story isn't traditional "Hacker News" it's a very engrossing, compelling, and well written article.

That is precisely what Hacker News is about. Really well written articles. They come and go from time to time here on HN but there have been some really good ones.

Indeed, after reading I watched the included video. It hit me in the onion sensors.

I was always thinking highly of people, who are adopting orphans. Still do.

But after reading this article, I'm coming to conclusion, that even though adopting parents doing good deed, but by paying all "fees" they are indirectly sponsoring babies trafficking.

> But reports were surfacing that government officials were snatching babies to satisfy a lucrative adoption market. [...] one day when the girls were almost 2 years old, five men working for family planning stormed the house, restrained the aunt and took away the screaming toddler.

This is horrifying.

One could argue that managing population is essential for the country and the species, but there are incentive ways to do this without terror and force.

the author barbara demick is remarkably prolific especially in that part of the world and an especially gifted writer. if you enjoyed this article, i recommend her book "nothing to envy" likely the most revealing books written about daily life in North Korea.

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