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so maybe you can clarify

I didn't write this thing, I'm just saying that the claims it makes are not the claims you say it makes. 'Functionally equivalent' is a bit like 'Turing complete' - it makes it easy to say something so true it's not actually interesting.

It's not some major discovery or controversial claim that Electron apps are an even more convenient and easier-to-leverage vector for exploitation than regular old binaries. But writing some blog post about it (they didn't give the vuln a name, they didn't rent it shoes, they aren't buying it a beer) does not warrant the weird invective you're throwing at it.

I wasn't trying to be snippy, I genuinely didn't understand what you meant since the term "system app integrity protection" isn't anywhere in the original blog post. Also, just to clarify, by "functionally equivalent" I meant "exactly the same."

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