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Think of it this way:

Flash, Java, Javacript, et al are great for the web because they are "write once, run anywhere". The same source code runs everywhere. That is what the web is all about. HTML and CSS are not scripting languages and they are also "write once, run anywhere". That is how the web delivers your programs.

Now, what will your Native Client do?

It will have COMPILED code for ONE platform. Like in C++ where you "write once, compile everywhere". Except you probably won't be able to compile everywhere. The point of the web is that any platform should be able to run your app.

On the other hand, I can see Native Client as being useful for extension libraries. You know, like PhoneGap plugins. The Javascript can test if the object is there, and if it is, use some standard interface. You could build up a standard library of these. As long as it is available on a wide enough range of platforms. Certain APIs are already exposed by the browser, through HTML5, that were originally in Google Gears.

Look, I agree that it's more of a philosophical thing, and indeed you are welcome to make an extension for Mozilla and all the other browsers. But the security risks alone will make this a tough sell to INCLUDE in a browser -- harming the spirit of the web. Not only that, but the web is totally against "favoring one platform over another" ... it is BECAUSE of the web that the platforms are able to work better together.

Did you miss the PNaCl part? Check it out here: http://nativeclient.googlecode.com/svn/data/site/pnacl.pdf

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