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Whoah, this covers a lot. I was expecting some linear algebra, calculus, and discrete math, but there's actually some stuff in there I don't know after doing a masters in math.

That makes me feel somewhat better - I saw the title of 'Maths Basics' and thought 'Great!'... then I saw it's 1,962 pages - if that's the basics, how much is the intermediate and advanced bit?

Thought the same. 2000 pages - Basics was probably an understatement...

Just looked at a few pages and it seems really illustrative. I am just a light-weight mathematician as a computer scientist, but I really would have liked such a comprehensive script for studying. I hate it when profs reduce everything to minimal definitions and expect studends to make sense of it. There are countless books but it is always a gamble that they focus on the topic at hand and don't suffer from the same problems.

This even gives you "motivational examples" which are extremely helpful for comprehension in my opinion.

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