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Cyber Incident Exposes Potential Vulnerabilities Onboard Commercial Vessels [pdf] (uscg.mil)
45 points by howard941 38 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Cue "Hackers" references. People are tossing smart TVs and other questionably secure internet appliances into random networks. As we add more and more convenience networks to industrial sites, these problems are going to become much more common.

"Hackers" of course already more or less happened to Maersk.


It started with network printers being a great place to hide remote shells. Oh wait, that still works.

To think that I, a computer geek have to go back and revise “Hackers” year after year.

From silly to... well it’s still silly, but the world is turning silly too!

What a world!

The marine classification societies:


have been developing standards and rules for cybersecurity of ships for a few years now. For example:


This is terrifying. The article is implying that the sailors knew not to use the internal systems for anything personally sensitive but continued to use it for government business. Cyber in the government is horribly broken.

These were commercial vessels, not government ones. The government, in this case, is the party raising the alarm.

At minimum, setup some VLANs on the router to keep devices meant for personal use (tablets, cafe PCs, PS4s, etc), work use only machines, and critical systems separate from each other.

Not much actual technical details regarding this “significant cyber incident”. It must take a great of influence to keep the name out of the media.

Just wild speculation but could this have anything to do with Galileo being down? I know that it was in Feb, but maybe it took that long to find out how they were "attacked"?

Wow, "wild speculation" is right.

A commercial ship travelling across the ocean was compromised by malware and you somehow think that is connected to an outage of a global navigation system?

I'm not clear whether you think this incident is a cause or an effect of the Galileo outage but, either way, that's a helluva jump!

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