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I'd recommend watching this YouTube video; it's only one person's take on the right way to use Excel, but Excel has many ways to handle these issues:


The link is to "You Suck at Excel" by Joel Spolsky, which is an excellent tutorial.

I sincerely wish it had a different name, though!

I would love to send this video to some of my business colleagues inside a large enterprise. They need this information and they would enjou everything about this video. However, it would not be acceptable to send them a video entitled "You Suck at Excel."

If it had a more enterprise-friendly name I would even have a link and description to it in my email footer inside the enterprise. It would really help a lot of people.

You can embed it in a more professional page, and hope that no one will notice the title at the overlay ;-)

Genius idea. I have a bunch of domains, combine it with the right subdomain... and we're onto something. Adding this to my list of things to do. Cheers!

Update: okay check out https://excel.secretgeek.net/

I've re-badged it as "Secrets of Mastering Excel" and used absolute positioning to put a label to that effect over the video's title.

Ideally I'd detect when the video starts and remove the label. Hmm. Not sure of the right approach.

I recommend (at the foot of the page) that the viewer watch it in full screen (which will remove my dodgy title)

That's a classic, definitely to be watched!

Yup, love it, keep recommending it to people.

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