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In general, I'm NOT happy with how camera/microphone, GPS and sensors like Gyro/accel/magnetometers and beacons (radio/wifi/bluetooth/nfc), screen size/resolution, battery level, hardware port identifiers etc are accessed by any website or app on my laptop/phone.

This developed over the years without any input or choice from the end-user. The device manufacturers, platform owners (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla) and app developers joined together and forced this surveillance aparatus on all end-users.

This power balance has to change.

There's no problem with having the capability in a web app. It's only a problem if those capabilities are not consented to b the user first.

There is definitely no problem in having the capabilities in the hardware. But appropriate assured controls should have been built and provided to the end-user. The challenge is these controls are not in hardware-switch-esque form. They are left to the whims and fancies of individual apps. That blame goes to platforms.

I disagree. Having things like this rolled into the browser means it's one security vulnerability or corporate decsion away from hurting someone.

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