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No need to be left wondering. While I'm not sure these are the videos mentioned, it's not hard to find some just by googling for it. Or maybe don't, I wish I didn't.

I don't doubt you can find all sorts of horrifying video.

I feel like I'd have seen media reports of widely-shared videos featuring live, conscious kids being vivisected in order to harvest their organs.

Isn't the point of moderation/censorship to avoid having these videos widely-shared? These videos exist, they are fairly easy to find on specialized websites. Some are fake, but a lot are genuine. Videos showing executions during wars in Chechnya or in the middle east and such.

It really seems important to know whether the video is real or a horror movie.

Not from a PTSD point of view. If these workers think it’s real, it’ll have the same psychological effect as the real thing.

Looks like the article itself linked the video they mentioned - turns out they were not harvesting any organs in that particular video

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