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> - A currency outside of traditional governments would theoretically be free of currency manipulation by those governments (ex. China and the Yuan)

As long as these three points are true: a) the notion of a stablecoin means stable relative to one selected fiat currency, b) the goods you are selling or purchasing are priced both in your local currency (which may or may not be the stablecoin peg) and the stablecoin, and c) that governments can still manipulate the ordinary currencies, then I don't see how you can be free from government manipulation.

In the article, they mention that the price is pegged against 3 currencies (think they said: USD, JPY, EUR)

Well, you are still sensitive to manipulation in any of those three, and the governments in question are political allies.

FWIW, the EUR/JPY and USD/JPY pairs are historically highly correlated.

You want to buy a product and the seller will accept the coin. The price/value of the coin is totally going to be determined by the seller and what they will accept for the product they are selling. Perhaps if you are in the US or EU and buying an automobile the price will be fairly stable/predictable but if you are in India or China and wanting to buy something from a local vendor the price/value is what the seller will accept.

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