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Oh hey, your data is from back when I was going through 3rd & Pike/Pine daily. I never felt threatened or particularly in danger in that area, nor did my teachers (who also transited those blocks for their bus/rail connections) or classmates feel unsafe in those two blocks during that period.

FYI there is a live crime map, along with an interface to search older reports if you wander around seattle.gov

It's possible there is something the data is missing, like like the time of the crimes committed. I'm not invested enough to make a point by creating multiple queries against the available data sets. You and the other posters in this comment chain have provided anecdotal evidence that the area felt safe for you, but the data I'm seeing and anecdotes I've heard from friends tell me that it isn't safe.

The live map only shows the last 24 hours, and links to the data I provided above for anything older than 24 hours. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place for data which has more specificity in the location tied to it.

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