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- Editing your /etc/hosts to block the worst offending sites that offer no real value

- Using tools that augment sites that are distracting but can be useful (e.g. YouTube)[1]

- Using website blockers - I made one that uses AI to recognise what is and isn't on task [2]

- For me the single biggest thing is changing my physical environment for better habits. E.g. coffee shops and coworking spaces aren't the best for focused work but they at least make me more consciously aware that I should be working and not wasting time on distractions. Obviously you are in an office this may be difficult to change though.

[1] - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mindfultube-youtub...

[2] - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/deepmode-intellige...

The deepmode extensions sounds great. But how does it know, what I am supposed to be working on? And how does it handle context switches? For example programming, then literature research.

You set a task description on the extension's popup page and then this gets sent to the API which will figure what the relevant categories are (this doesn't always work perfectly but you can edit them yourself after).

If you want to switch contexts you can just set a new task, although if the topic is the same - e.g. machine learning both in the case of programming and literature research then you shouldn't need to.

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