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> A tremendous amount of these homeless don't want to quit heroin.

That’s sort of how addiction works. Drugs are a lot of fun and feel good for a long time and that lets you ignore negative consequences way past the point that someone not on drugs would make a change in their life.

People who are addicted to heroin would rather do heroin in a muddy ditch than be sober in a 5 star hotel.

Unless you have been addicted to something yourself _AND_ realised the fact, you have no say.

The psychological problems that lead to addiction of any kind are very deep. The addiction itself is just a symptom.

What this decision is - is just a declaration of "let's stop fighting symptoms, maybe that will allow us to see the root problem".

I did a lot of club drugs in my 20s and knew a lot of addicts and alcoholics (although personally once I decided to quit everything around 30, I just stopped cold turkey with no problems), and although I personally avoided opiates I knew people who didn’t and had very hard lives as a consequence.

You are correct that most of them had hard lives to begin with. Happy people with strong support networks don’t tend to use heroin, I wouldn’t think.

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