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Frankly speaking, when it comes to Muslim countries and women, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Turkey and perhaps Indonesia among some others have a great record (relatively). But biggest improvement seems to be coming from Pakistan of all the places.

Saudis and other strict regimes should look into changes that enforces protection and rights and freedom for women. The more well educated and economically integrated women are (along with men), it is better for society.

What laws has Pak government passed recently?

Not much needs to change in terms of Pakistani law -- laws have always favored liberal views and freedom for women in Pakistan. Its just last 20-30 years have been bad socially for Pakistan.

Things have started to turn corner now - media and social activists have rightly pressed case for empowering women and there are number of influential Pakistani female politicians now. Government have started silencing hardliners and have started distancing themselves.

I hope that soon Pakistanis start pushing their girls for better education and to start females to work at all levels of Pakistani economy. This is one thing that is really killing Pakistani economy and is prime reason behind our high population growth. As a Pakistani man, I see good things hopefully for women in Pakistan.

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