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As a user of GraphQL with Apollo since a year, I still don’t see how it simplifies app development. Actually, having such a huge dependency in the code feels more like a liability.

Most apps are simple, don’t need to send much data around if you don’t put 3-10 user tracker in, and Rest is just really, really simple for most parts.

In every project I worked so far that used GraphQL, developers tend to not care about backwards compatibility of APIs because having tons of optional properties in query responses doesn’t feel nice.

As always, there are exceptions and if it makes sense, sure, go ahead. But be aware of the dependencies and the magic you get into your project. Oh, and don’t use it for file upload, that’s just painful.

Couldn't agree more. Apollo has shipped multiple broken releases over the past year related to having a massive dependency tree - we're migrating away from their apollo-server system soon.

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