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> Because the vast majority of the earths history has been without ice on the poles.

Yeah but the majority of human history has been with ice on the poles.

We might have to reorganize a lot of things (agricultural practices, national borders, location of cities, ...) if that changes.

Totally agree that it will be a hardship. However the following things are all true: (a) There is a chance that "carbon taxes" will lead to just as much practical hardship on the poor, (b) There is no guarantee that these carbon taxes will work, (c) There is no guarantee that the poles will even melt.

The layers of uncertainty are piled so high, that a rational response is "wait and see". I do recognize however this approach is negative to grant funding, so these 'scientist' lapse into apocalyptic fire-and-brimstone talk to rouse the faithful.

Wait and see what? What are we waiting to see and what do we do about it? Waiting implies not taking a course of action, but we either pump carbon or try not to, there’s no neutral action.

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