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There are still iMac Pros and MacBook Pros available for much less than $6k.

I already have a Mac mini that I bought because the Mac Pro was no yet available when my old iMac die.

But is a good option for Pros?? No.

My brother, at my right at 3 meters from me, laugh in how pathetic and anemic is the Graphic card in the mini. Also, it have 20GB Ram for what I must pay (sorry, I recheck: for much less) upgrade the anemic start at the mini to at least 16GB that is already low for me (I need to integrate ERP software and run Mysql, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, firebird, windows, docker and more).

I also need to buy an external drive to put at least 1TB SSD. I already pay to upgrade to 512 SSD internal.

I already constrained in hard drive space. I buy an extra Synology.

The mini no the iMac (I have one before) is a sufficient alternative. Is what I can afford and makeshift extra cables and enclosure to match what my brother have (it work on 3d and photography).

And then, what extra magical thing for Pros this machines do? Apart of raw power, OSX are just decent Unixes, but have null of the extra capabilities of Amiga or BeOS, just to name ones...

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