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I note the announcement says this about things coming soon:

> - Editable messages! (These are in Synapse 1.0 and Riot already, but still stabilising so not enabled by default)

Is there some way to enable editing on a locally hosted server to play with? (In my case I don't care if federated servers don't handle it). I've poked around the code a bit and I don't see anything obvious documented…

On Riot/Web, you’ll need to enable it in labs settings (in config.json) - riot.im/develop already has it turned on. On synapse there is a config flag called experimental_aggregation_support or something, but it’s optional (it makes reactions/edits more efficient).

Thanks! In case anyone else is wondering, I added:

    "features": {
        "feature_message_editing": "labs"
to my Riot's config.json and

    experimental_msc1849_support_enabled: true
to Matrix's homeserver.yaml.

that's the one :) Editing unsent/sending messages should land tomorrow, and then the feature is pretty much done. Sorry for not having the right config details when answering on my phone yesterday!

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