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I saw a talk of yours on side projects. It was pretty inspiring. Did you build this with those same principals?

Oh yay!!! I was super nervous giving that talk, but I do love side projects.

This one is a mix. I have a side project running an Instagram account so had seen first hand a lot of the needs you run into with a single link in bio, plus all the different neat linking solutions (shout out to another Australian company - Linktree!).

So when it came up in Dec that we were thinking of an angle on the website market, and our marketer suggested we think about Instagram, it all clicked.

(stoked that someone remembers that talk :)

Can you share the link? :)

Sure thing! It's at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwWEc4PhmJI

(14 views ... was a popular talk :-D


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