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They encourage developers to include their SDK:

> Monetize your mobile app or game with our SDK, without showing intrusive ads or requiring annoying subscriptions and in app purchases.


They approached nmap of all people:

> Hi,

> My name is Lior and I'd like to offer you a new way to make money off your software. The Luminati SDK provides your users the option to use your software for free by contributing to the Luminati proxy network.

> We will pay you $3,000 USD a month for every 100K daily active users.

> No collection of users' data, no disruption of user experience.

> I'd like to schedule a 15 minute call to let you know how we can start. Are you available tomorrow at 12:30pm your local time?

> Best regards,

> Lior


$3000 USD for 100k users? If you can get five pennies from each you're better off than with this crap.

It's pretty hard to get five pennies from each of your users

The equation changes if you actually care about your users' experience. Or if you don't and include both Luminati and ads.

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