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Dear Apple: please make an iMessage client for Windows/Linux/web users. I find it really inconvenient that, unlike other iCloud services, I can't get to my iMessages from my other devices.

Isn't there a running joke about iMessage users talking trash about messaging people with green text?

Its not a joke, this is a "serious concern" of youth these days. I've received comments about anxiety just chatting with an android/other phone user.

I was being facetious. I know women who have real superiority disorders with iPhone vs. Android, and I know plenty of tech nerd guys with the same disorder.

Would that be a spam vector, though?

Maybe. But I think if it required an iMessage account with an authenticated iPhone, it wouldn't be much of a problem.

Still not a perfect solution, but AFAIK, it's also possible to pass iMessage authentication with a hackintosh. So the same spam vector is technically still open, albeit with a bit more work.

> Possible to pass iMessage authentication with a hackintosh

Hackintosh user here, you can get iMessage working but it takes some effort. You have to choose a serial number that seems plausible to Apple given other information, and then also hope you get a bit lucky.

I really don't think this would be a useful outlet for a spammer trying to set up iMessage accounts en messe.

There's already an OSX version though.

Might as well make an Android app for iMessage while were at it (I doubt it will ever happen though).

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