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They did not meet pro-poseurs expectations. They met actual professionals expectations.

Well, some professionals. Others, no.

What they want is a expandable pro machine like the iMac Pro without the screen. They want a taller Mac mini. They want something that you can build on. They aren't any less professional. They just have a different use case. The best Apple has to offer is a Mac Mini.

Let's make that clear. The next step up from Mac Mini is the Mac Pro. There is NO in between. That's a pretty big gap.

From Apple's perspective, it seems clear that the in-between is the iMac Pro. It might not meet your needs for whatever reason, of course.

Maybe Apple could make something in between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro. How about—and I'm just spitballing here—they call it a "Mac"?

I’m not so sure. Real professional computers start at $30k plus for the base model.

Please take a look at the SGI workstations of old.

A $6k computer does not deserve the ‘Pro’ moniker.


SGI Indy started at $4995 back in 1994. Very minimal config though, just like Mac Pro at starting price.


1994. Not sure we can compare that with 2019?

Inflation adjusted it's just under $9000

Thanks. I wasn't thinking about currency only but also the very different situation. UNIX hegemony was still alive back then. Wintel was about to take off. Internet existed but was different. Universities had different needs and budgets.

(I actually owned various SGI machines. They are very nice.)

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