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>Put in a blocklist and turn off JS. [...] A strangely simple solution that people don't try.

I'm not an iPhone expert but those don't seem simple.

In iOS, you can enter urls one at a time in the blocklist which is cumbersome. Obviously, this doesn't work for thousands of ad network urls. What people do on desktops is import a big hosts file but my cursory research says you can't do that on a non-jailbroken iPhone.[1]

If you mean "block" via DNS such as pointing to Adguard DNS servers, you can only manually change the DNS server ip address on wifi connections and not the cellular connection. For DNS blocks on cellular, you have to install vpn software.[2]

Disabling Javascript breaks sites like "cnn.com" (Yes, people should go to other sites instead of CNN but I don't mean for people to fixate on that one example. It's just one example of breakage of a widely known site instead of an obscure one.) Also on reddit.com, the collapse button "[-]" and the upvote/downvote buttons no longer work.

(But I'm not saying any iPhone setup difficulties means you should use AMP.)

[1] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2028544/does-hosts-file-...

[2] https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/303168/ios-11-how-...

I was thinking desktop. I should have read up on amp first. Sorry. Thanks for the thoughtful reply though.

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