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Techcrunch Redesign (techcrunch.com)
18 points by ckluis 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments

This isn't loading for me at all in Safari and Brave (even with "shields down"). All I get is "An error occurred with this part of the page, sorry for the inconvenience." It displays the proper page for a brief second, then the above message.

Is anyone else getting this?

EDIT: now working for me across the board. There's also this potential explanation for the outage: https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/11/wordpress-vip-go-sites-are...

Aol still has the best developers I see, lol.

Same here, Firefox 66 on Arch Linux.

Firefox (68) macos user. Same here.

Same for me, MacOS and Chrome...

Same on plain chrome on android

Yep, for me too on iOS Safari

Me too on Chrome

1. If I use my middle mouse button to open an article in a new window, it opens in the existing window.

2. If I click an article, it's displayed, and the URL is updated. If I access that URL directly, or if I right click the article and open in a new tab, it fails with an error (seems to be fixed now).

3. When viewing an article and I scroll down, it's automatically closed. I know this is a feature, but it's incredibly annoying.

I really hate when the most basic website principles that always worked 20 years ago, fail to work in a modern redesign.

Navigation is working normally for me: middle click opens articles in a new tab, and I can right click and open an article in a new tab or a new window. I can also access articles by URL.

I'm using Chromium. Has Techcrunch broken navigation for Firefox and Safari?

Incidentally, if you check out the new site with ScriptSafe, so Javascript is disabled, it looks quite elegant.

Wow, yeah I tested each of these (#2 I had to replicate in an incognito window) and this is really bad. These are basic, basic features that are built into browsers and HTTP, and they don't even work because the designers wanted to be clever. Awful design.

I'm curious if an A/B test was run for this. Didn't we all agree that full-screen cover images were bad UX? Especially for a news source, that seems like an odd call.

Definitely not, it's a bug - not a redesign.

If you disable JS then it's actually really nice. If that were the default then it would have been a great redesign.

I was going to comment the same. I really liked the design and wondered if enabling JS would make it different (not seeing a logo was a clue I wasn’t seeing the full design). I turned it one and was immediately disappointed.

Funny - they think their Ad Blocker popup is going to get me to buy but I'll just stop reading. How Medium-esque of you.

One of the very nice features of RSS readers is that I basically never have to care about site UX.

Or, in this case, configuration errors.

What do you do about websites that don't provide full articles in RSS?

Not the person you asked, but for sites that don’t provide an RSS feed that fits what I want, I make a short scraper that builds the feed and subscribe to that.

I don’t do it often, but I’ve got enough practice (and relevant code) that when I want to, it takes only a few minutes.

Not a practical solution for most people, but it works well for me.

Open in browser with reader mode on. Only text. Lot of rss readers have that option

Endless scroll as a single navigation pattern? WTF?

On mobile Firefox with scripts disabled it loads a new page normally on clicking "more". It never ceases to amaze me what lengths will some people go to destroy perfectly fine user experience.

Hmm, how on earth did they end up with a default Twenty Seventeen Wordpress theme? Somebody screwed up big.

Edit: Yep, Automattic screwed up.

The tech crunch iOS app as an absolute travesty. It can’t even load images, and constantly redirects you to the mobile site. It’s also riddled with bugs. It’s been that way for about 2 years. Hopefully they will adresss that along with this.

Is there any particular reason you downloaded the app? I've found that news site apps are usually a garbage fire of silent user-hostile permissions and constant notifications. These usually don't happen on the websites themselves, as users click "no" as soon as the "Location" or "Notifications" dialog box opens.

When I scroll past the bottom of an article and then scroll back up, the page seamlessly redirects me to the main page mid-scroll... that's incredibly irritating!

Looks like it’s reverted to some default WP theme.

An error occurred with this part of the page, sorry for the inconvenience.

Atleast that's an improvement :P

Pi-hole is amazing.

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