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Will Apple employees will be allowed to use this program? They're notoriously paranoid about maintaining secrets. Wonder if their IT department would give up the control.

I worked for Apple about 5 years ago, and there almost everyone I interacted with carried an Apple-owned iPhone that was specially setup for running internal in-development software. This was Apple's way of getting those builds tested by a large number of people before they went out.

There were a few (software) restrictions placed on the devices, namely that you had to have password lock turned on, and a password complexity policy. But after that they really did not interfere at all. When I left I reset that phone myself, and then bought a new iPhone and used the backup (not including OS) of that phone off of iCloud (of course minus the Apple email account they just turned off, and a couple of Apple-only apps I was using).

Other than some basic access controls on systems (especially around iOS sources), and a lot of prototype-asset-tracking (I ran a lab with a lot of that), Apple really does trust their developers to do the right thing. If they trust you to have the information, then they trust you not to share it without a lot of big-brother monitoring.

And there really is very little in the way of an IT department at Apple as you would normally think of it. They provided the network and the printers, but setting up your own computer was usually up to you and whatever help you got from your team (who really were the ones who knew what you needed for resources).

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