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I will go even further... I had the original “Kodak Gallery”...

Amazing how I still have photos from “way back when”

I’d forgotten which was first. Wasn’t Ofoto before Kodak Gallery? I know I had both - just can’t recall the progression.


Ofoto launched in 1999 and was acquired by Kodak in 2001:



Thanks for the clarification, I had both as well! Such a windy route... glad though they never “ended service” or did something like Flickr.

Tell me about it! I've used so many photo services (that then very reliably go out of business) that I wrote PhotoStructure to sweep my mess of disorganized and duplicated photos and videos into order and self-host them with a UI that's designed for discovery and fun browsing. <please-forgive-the-plug> https://blog.photostructure.com/introducing-photostructure/ </please-forgive-the-plug>

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