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I'm still royally $EXPLETIVE_HERE about Analog Devices buying Linear Technology a couple of months ago. AD and LTC used to be the mutual second source suppliers for critical components in lots of my projects. For almost every part AD had there was a matching counterpart in LTC's portfolio and vice versa. And often enough I could design my PCBs in a way that they even could be populated with either chip, depending on availability. Most of the ICs are still available in their AD and LTC variants, but I wonder for how long.

I've similar feelings about the acquisition of National Semiconductor by Texas Instruments (primary and second source for high speed ADCs).

Ah, Analog Devices, the king of "expensive because we say so" parts.

If I had a lot of money (which I don't) I'd have started my very own analog semiconductor design and fab company years ago, with the intent aim to be a direct competitor in the market of high speed and precision analog and signal conversion electronics.

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