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Ignorig the controversies around Alex Jones...

> The lawsuit alleged that Jones used the character without permission as part of a promotional poster also featuring images of himself, President Trump and far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

To be honest this feels like something that is covered by fair use law?


It was not for a purpose specifically mentioned, other fair uses require lawyers. The use was commercial, and it was the whole (?, I did not see the poster) image. Since pepe is now associated with far-right, conspiracies and fake news, it's easy to argue a loss of value. Why do you feel this is fair use?

That was Alex Jones’s argument, but Furie argued they were using the image commercially by selling merchandise. In the end, they’ve settled out of court so we won’t know.

How would you consider it fair use?

It's not educational, not satiric, not for parody, not scientific, not for non-profit, not illustrative...

It's purely used as a promotion tool to further commercial ends.

The US supreme court has - multiple times - stated that commercial use can be fair use.

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