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Same here. His book (there's now a second edition!) is excellent. I've found few authors that publish articles that resonate with me as much as Mark.

He's on a couple of episodes of .NET Rocks podcast too, definetly worth a listen.

For the sake of throwing credit out there, my understanding is that the new edition[1] is very heavily revised, and most the revision was done by the co-author, Steven van Deursen.

I think I remember seeing Seemann write on his blog that the new version is a much better reflection of his current thoughts on how to do DI, and object-oriented design in general, than the first edition was. In particular, the 2nd edition is much less focused on heavyweight tools, and takes an overall cleaner approach to things. Nowhere near as much Castle (the .NET equivalent of Spring) type stuff.

[1]: https://www.manning.com/books/dependency-injection-principle...

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