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Same here. I'd love to build a Ryzen box, and actually I'll do so for gaming, but my primary computer has to run macOS and unfortunately that requirement comes with a significant price tag, in addition to outdated hardware.

You can build a kick-ass Mini-ITX Ryzen box for less than a Mac monitor stand. Why not both?

As I said, I do. I have a separate gaming PC, which gets occassional use and will be upgraded to the Ryzen 3000 series later this year. I wish I could do the same with a reliable, legitiamte macOS system - the value is just incredible over in the non-Apple PC world.

Can’t you do hackintoshes with Ryzen?

Not without a lot of messing around. With Intel you can pretty much just straight install macOS + Clover + FakeSMC and you're golden. With Ryzen you have to start messing around with custom kernels, which means updates will break things and also means a lot of programs won't work.

Last I checked a lot of progress had been made, but you're unable to run any 32-bit applications and some software such as the Adobe Creative Suite simply won't run.

I too thought it was hard, but recently found this that supposedly makes it way easier: https://kb.amd-osx.com/guides/HS/

I'm considering a new ryzen hackintosh build in july!

Going to give it one, single try... then I'm on to Linux as my primary. Will have a Windows VM for some work, and may keep a mac VM as well. Most of the stuff I do works fine in Linux, and it really looks like Manjaro and Pop_OS! have made a lot of progress beyond the general dev stuff I work on (mostly via Docker/Linux anyway).

I worry a bit about stability...

Oh yea, I wouldn't want to do that. I use a hackintosh but with an intel CPU and it just works flawlessly except for the whole NVidia GPU holding me back.

Well, I also want it to be reliable. This is my main computer, my daily driver, after all.

With VM

I did it, and it's great. It's possible to get Ryzen + GTX 2070 for a price of a Mac Mini. Of course it's a big ugly box, but it plays latest games without a hitch, even on 120hz/1440p "Ultra" graphics settings.

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