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I do not use the REPL, I call julia scripts from elsewhere, and then I want to recover the data out of julia, and text files are perfectly appropriate (a few thousand numbers). Then julia plotting capabilities are suboptimal with respect to specialized plotting software like gnuplot. I would really prefer if julia did not have any plotting stuff.

That's not typical workflow for the majority of data scientists. And saying you prefer Julia not have any plotting stuff sounds really really dumb to be frank.

Agreed. As a data scientist myself, I can't imagine Julia getting much "mindshare" among us with the JIT experience it has. Perhaps we're not the real target audience for Julia? But if that's the case then adoption will likely be slow, and limited to only very niche applications and roles. For Julia to really become the next big thing (and solve the damn two language problem), it needs to be an effective solution for data scientists and machine learning engineers--and right now, it just isn't.

I do machine learning and computer vision in python, statistical analysis, plotting, and anything to do with dataframes in R, and computational stuff, network science, and almost everything else in julia. I would like to switch my data analysis stuff to julia but waiting for libraries and functions to load is just too frustrating when I'm doing things interactively. I'm hoping Julia will have a good machine learning, computer vision, and data science environment in the future and it is looking like it will. But for now, it is not an easy environment to work with in these applications and you'd need some fairly specific needs to justifiably use Julia here. But the thing is that when you do have relatively esoteric things to do in these applications, it is much easier to do them in Julia.

Not a data scientist, sorry, just a mathematician

Also pretty much into the unix philosophy whereby tools should do only one thing and do it well.

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